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Coming out on the other side. . .

. . . after the flames died down.




August 3rd, 2009

I make it, you buy it :)

 So I've made a few more necklaces and some earrings, and I wanted to post the facebook photo album again. Prices aren't listed since they're contingent on my materials. Nothing's over $18 though. I've got tassel necklaces, crystal necklaces, pendants, double-strand & pendant, pearl with ribbon tie, wing earrings, dangley earrings, toggle necklaces, and some are available in different colors. Let me know if you're interested in anything! I'm trying to get some money together before I go to a wedding this weekend; I need some extra funds. Plus I like making necklaces. :) http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2010833&id=123000002&l=5acfafa153

July 13th, 2009

(no subject)

I'm selling shoes on eBay!
go buy them!!


Steve madden's. They're only $25. Never been worn. they don't match the dress I bought them for, and I missed the deadline to return them.

July 3rd, 2009

These were my dreams :\

There was a mop of curly hair that I didn't expect to ever see again. It was seated next to it's usual cohort with choppy dark hair and the pair sat there laughing and carrying on like this wasn't anything unusual. I climbed over a few people on the bleachers and sat down next to the one with curly hair and sat and stared: everything was the same- he wore khahki cargo shorts, a black t-shirt, and of course the sprawled out hair. He turned to me and gave me a look like "Hey buddy!"

I smacked him. Probably 10 times. In the arm, as hard as I possible could, but also with the most pleased smile on my face. It was my friend Chris that I had been told committed suicide. I had spent so much time being upset and crying over Chris being dead, that to see him sitting there next to his friend Steve laughing made me slightly angry. I asked why he would let it spread around that he committed suicide and he smiled and explained it was a social experiment. I slapped him again. Then I hugged him around his neck and begged him never to do it again or I really would kill him. The rest of the time we sat there carrying on like nothing had ever happened, joking around. I told him we'd have to go to China Jade and he started laughing saying we'd scream along to Taking Back Sunday in his car and the happiness in my heart was just crazy.

I miss my friend so much. I woke up around 7:30 from this dream confused and hopeful. I was hoping if I went back to sleep maybe it would make the dream come true. Instead when I fell back asleep this is what happened...

I had a dream that Wayne Newton had supposedly been kidnapped but he showed up at the office. As to what office this was, I have no idea. And somehow I was standing on a ledge overlooking really dark water and managed to make a clone of myself? Or something, it was weird. But it showed up in DVD form and I had to destroy the DVD because otherwise it'd be pure evil. So someone saw me "drowning" the DVD and tried to stop me but I broke the DVD in half and threw it farther under the water. Then Wayne Newton had a cape made out of feathers. And someone ripped it off him and he disappeared into a car. and something about professors needing to be guarded in an inner office?

I don't know. This was a weird dream. Very, very weird dream.

June 30th, 2009

(no subject)

Ok I was reading back 200 entries, and it's madness! I used to update this thing religiously! I think I'm back more with Xanga these days. Xanga, blogspot, my own brain... I'm pretty much a journal junkie.
I have over half a dozen paper journals, plus probably the same amount of online journals.

I moved back home with my parents, and it's. . . ok. My parents are great, don't get me wrong. I just enjoy living on my own better. I lived in an apt on campus after graduation for a month and bills weren't going to be paid accordingly if I stayed up there at my job at Starbucks (I started at 7.25).

I interviewed at a church in Philly to be a children's pastor (in Roxborough). He was nice and the church was nice, but I wasn't feeling it at all. I just didn't feel comfortable telling him I wanted to be their CP. I gave him name and numbers for a bunch of people and organizations I know. Over the years I've developed a pretty decent network of children's ministry people in the AG. :)

Things at home are different. Most of my friends are gone, doing various things with their lives. I'm here. Poor. Friendless. My life pretty much revolves around church on Sundays. I feel comfortable and in the right place when I go to church- I have friends and I'm happy there. Sunday nights at Mosaic I have friends and afterwards we end up going out and doing whatever. This past sunday we ended up hanging out, talking and goofing around for an hour, then going to red robin and spending another 2 hours there. It was just fun! Just a bunch of young adults messing around with an iPhone and telling goofy stories!

I thought about applying for a job up in PA at the school as a financial aid secretary, and I realized there's a reason I'm back home. There's a reason nothing at school worked out. there's a reason I'm more comfortable at church than I've been in years.

I'm expecting God to move, which sadly is something I've been slacking on lately. But we had a good chat the other day. :)

June 7th, 2009

(no subject)

i graduated.
i'm living on campus for the moment, but probably not for much longer.


January 19th, 2009

The Etsy shop is up!

The Etsy shop is up! 


It's handmade necklaces and earrings compliments of me and Kirsten, and prices range from $4-$35.
Not everything's up yet so check back daily for more updates! :o)

December 31st, 2008

How do you meet people?

Seriously. How does society expect you to meet someone without going online to some dating website or going to a club/bar of some sort?

College/school. . . Tons of people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, shapes, sizes. . . There should be someone there to meet? Well. what do you do if there isn't? What if you've been there, had a relationship of some sort of length, maybe even gone on a few dates, and you graduate still single? What do you do then? Granted this is the place I currently find myself sitting in this place, but I'm OK with that. Seriously, I am.

Work. . . Well. If you're like me and you work in a women's clothing store, typically the only men you'll meet are the husbands/boyfriends of your customers. Now if you work somewhere where there is a more balanced ratio of men to women, then you might have better luck. . . But what if you don't? What do you do then? Do you wait for the random guy to walk in with a couple of friends to the women's clothing store you work in, and chat you up then ask for your myspace? (Which that happened to me last night. . .)

Church? Well sure- church seems like a good place for a Christian girl soon to be credentialed as a pastor. What if you've grown up in that church though and seem to know most of the people your age and the one's you don't know you aren't very interested in?

I'm honestly not saying/endorsing/condemning online dating sites or going to single's events or anything like that, but where do you meet people? It's awkward and uncomfortable to try to walk up to a random stranger and generate a relationship out of thin air. I think some guy tried it last night at work by talking to me about random things, which was fine and he seems like a nice enough guy to be friends with. If I was remotely attracted to him that might have worked better. . . Ah well. It just made me think though, how lucky the people that meet someone in one of the aforementioned places is. I'm not speaking with any sort of bitterness or resentment or anger, it's just something I've been thinking about.

Plus hey, it means I'll have quite the splendid story of where/when I meet my future husband. And we all know that I'm all about a good story! =D

December 30th, 2008

Dear Body

I stole this idea off youtube. Look up "Dear Body" and it has the original plus all the video responses. I thought it was neat so I decided to do it myself!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Body,

I'm sorry I spent a good 12 years lamenting your existence. You and I have been united by Jesus for a reason, and instead of hugging you more often, and telling you how wonderful you really are, I berated, punched, called names, and in general hated you. So. To make up for that, here we go. . .

Brain- I'm sorry I screwed with you. I'm sorry I told such horrible lies about the rest of me to you, and I'm twice as sorry I used to believe the horrible things other people said about me. But I've been trying really hard the last year and a half to love on you and tell you wonderful things and fill you with happy thoughts and sweet thoughts. I promise we'll do better.

Hair. Oh my hair. You are such a lovely shade of red, that I've been told countless people is apparently one that can't be bought in the bottle. Yet I still permed you that one time in 8th grade. I don't know that I ever apologized for it. . . I'm sorry for that and for the 1/3 of a bottle of hair gel I piled in there everyday I wore my hair down. However, thanks for being really manageable- these last few years we've found a comfortable rhythm and I appreciate your willingness to still look nice when I try different things like cutting off 6 inches and putting red streaks in.

Eyes, oh how I love you. At the height of my depression and teenage angst you were the 2 things I felt were my only vanity. You have a lovely shape and color, which sometimes changes depending on your (my?) mood. For a few years in a row I always slabbed on a few pounds of eyeshadow, and thanks for still looking amazing when you had so many different colors on them. I wish my contacts were always comfortable with you, but I can't have all I want now can I?

Nose-y. You're there. I've accepted you. I wish you were a bit smaller but it's my dad's nose and considering how much I look like my mum, it's nice to having something like my dad.

Mouth you've had quite the life. There were the few years I thought I looked better if I didn't smile with my teeth showing, and I'm sorry for that. I had braces and you took abuse from some of the jabby wires poking out. But now my teeth are lovely and like to be shown off. I'm also sorry about that unfortunate dog bite incident a few years ago, but hey you've done a splendid job of still rockin' despite the 2 scars and the corner of the lip not fully exposed. Props for you good friend. Oh and I'll try to keep my foot out of you more often, I'll talk to him later though.

Arms thanks for helping me do stuff. If you weren't there then my hands would just be attached to my shoulders and I wouldn't get anything done. Thanks for helping me dance like a fool and for being big enough to hug groups of people at a time. I'm sorry you're not more toned- I'll work on that. Promise.

Hands I love you. I really do. The fingers aren't too long or too short, they're a perfect length. I'm glad my fingernails have started to grow a bit quicker since that makes my fingers look a bit thinner. Hands without you I couldn't do sign language which makes my heart happy, and I could hold hands with people I care about. Thanks for being there for me.

Tummy. . . I'm sorry I fill you with horrid food. I know I should eat better. . . Although I'm fairly certain you started a revolt within the last 2 years or so by rejecting dairy foods on a semi-regular occasion. I'm sorry for the years of strain I put on you with constantly throwing up. I don't blame you for rejecting dairy now- I suppose I deserve it. I promise though that someday you won't be surrounded by such thick padding all the time and we'll all be happier for it.

Legs, oh legs. I used to resent you a lot. Big thighs, chubby knees, and seemingly really short. Granted I wish you were an extra 2 inches long, although I think you would throw off the balance of the rest of me if that was the case. However I've also noticed that you look pretty dang good when paired with some 4 inch heels. Thanks for being my mode of transport for 22 years, and thanks for growing really light leg hair so it's not so incredibly frightening when I don't shave for awhile.

Feets you're not the most attractive, but I will gladly paint the toes to make them a bit prettier. In fact the soles are pretty gross normally and I'm sorry for wearing shoes that inhibit that sort of thing. I'll try to take better care of them if you promise to stop hurting when I stand for more than a few hours. Knees don't like that too much- think about the rest of us when you start hurting.

So body, I'm glad we had this talk. Again I'm sorry I've never said what I've always felt, but there it is. I hope we can be better friends now and that you'll stop rejecting dairy and stop hurting for seemingly no reason.

Love always and forever,

December 29th, 2008



For the last couple of years around this time, I review my year and note my highlights. . . sooo here we go!

+ Made really amazing new friends
+ Cut 6.5 inches off my hair.
    - begged for it to grow back quickly. it's better now though. :)
+ Dyed my hair for the first time (just red streaks)
+ Drove for 3 days with my family to Tucson, Arizona
    - Went to new states New Mexico, Arkansas, Texas (coolest rest stop ever)
+ Went to Graceland
+ Went to Loretta Lynn's ranch
+ Went hiking for the first time on Mount Lemon in Tucson
+ Saw my first quails on my street in Tucson
+ Encountered many lizards, snakes, and billions of Cacti in Arizona
+ Interned with my favorite children's pastors ever; Tim & Jenny
+ Went to Connecticut & Massachusetts for the first time ever.
+ Made amazing friends in Tucson that I'll probably never forget <3
+ Have had a crushing desire to move back to Tucson....
+ Started a prank war on my hall - we pranked the RA at the time
+ A2RA on my floor at my college.
+ Saw Macbeth on Broadway with fun people :)
+ Taught in Prims class
+ Was the director for VBS in Tucson
+ Went to Sedona and saw incredible scenery
+ Went to Church of the Rock
+ Went to Tombstone!
+ Saw my first ever water buffalo!
+ Cleaned my room with Kristy
    - Seriously this was an event. It took 4 hours and over a dozen trash bags. . . It was bad. . .
+ Went to my cousin's wedding!
+ Went to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Smithsonian. It was glorious.
+ Flew by myself for the first time ever.
    - Flew to my layover then to California; same on the way back
+ Experienced In N Out Burger
+ Experienced It's A Grind coffee house
+ Watched my mum complete her first ever half-marathon!
+ Shot a gun for the first time! (a .9 and a .22)
+ Am the RA for my floor! :D
+ Made even more amazing friends
+ Went apple picking for the first time ever! (twice)!
+ Was the homecoming queen at school. (who would've guessed?!?!)
+ Went to Creation Tour
    - Was wished happy birthday by the leader of Pillar
    - Met Pillar
+ Started making and selling jewelry!!
+ Went to the Melting Pot for the first time ever.
+ Had a weird, WEIRD date. . . (Tactical Vest Guy)
    - He had a nice personality. . .
+ Went to Dave N Busters for the first time. It was amazing

I think that's about my year. It was pretty cool.

December 26th, 2008

(no subject)

Ok so. How have I never realized how amazing Scrubs is until recently? Seriously? I love this show. I get a twitter of excitement whenever I see it on. It's glorious.

 I got some bangin' Christmas presents, I won't even lie. . . I got a Wii, Wii Fit (which will be amazing- I can work out in my room. :p), luggage, this coat from Kohls I've been lusting after, an espresso machine, some movies I've been wanting, season 4 of House, and 2 sims expansion packs. :o)

Yaaayyy for family.

This might be weird for some families, but after opening presents we'll split up into our own little worlds playing with whatever we got for a few hours. We just do it, it's not planned. Then we'll get back together and eat the Christmas meal, watch movies, laugh, etc. We went to the James' house as per tradition and stayed there a few hours, then came home and watched "Comedy of Terrors" (Vincent Price- if you haven't seen it, it's hysterical!) and Hellboy II. They both gave up and passed out in bed afterwards. Lightweights :p

My mum got a DS Lite. . . I'm staring at it wanting to play with it. I think it's staring back. Ha ha.
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